TS Rythu Bandhu Money Status 2020 Check Online @ IFMIS Telangana & eKuber Treasury

TS Rythu Bandhu status 2020 eKuber IFMIS Telangana Treasury status check online treasury.telangana.gov.in/ekuber_rep.html: Telangana government on Monday released the payment to the beneficiary farmers under eKuber TS Rythu Bandhu scheme 2020, the status for which can be checked online now at Treasury portal. The farmers can now check the TS Rythu Bandhu status 2020 for the payment credited into their accounts by two means; by visiting the nearest district treasure office, and by login at rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in with their bank account details/Aadhaar card etc. details.

Rythu Bandhu (రైతుబంధు) is an agriculture investment support scheme under the umbrella of e-Kuber welfare scheme run by Telangana government. Under this scheme, the farmers are provided financial assistance a certain amount for seasonal crops.

TS Rythu Bandhu Scheme Details

  • State Finance Minister Harish Rao had said that the Rythu Bandhu payment amount would be disbursed to the beneficiaries in June 2020. The beneficiary list is already available with the District Treasury office and also online at rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in.
  • On June 22, 2020, Telangana government credited the Rythu Bandhu payment amount to the bank accounts of nearly 50.84 lakh farmers. The patta holders farmers who have their bank accounts linked were transferred a total of Rs 5,294.53 crore at the rate of Rs 5,000 per acre.
  • 63,477 farmers having RoFR pattas were also credited Rs 82.37 crore.
  • Nearly 5 lakh farmers did not get the amount due to the problems in linking bank accounts.
  • Considering the present dire economic condition, the KCR government has said that it has put aside 14,000 crore in the budget this year for disbursal to farmers with agricultural lands through TS Rythu Bandhu scheme 2020.

How to Check Rythu Bandhu Money Status 2020 in TS

The beneficiary farmers who are successfully registered in the TS Rythu Bandhu list 2020 and whose bank accounts are properly linked with the scheme.

To check the TS Rythu Bandhu payment amount status 2020, the beneficiaries may visit the official website https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ and click on the section titled “Rythubandhu Scheme Rabi Details”.

TS Rythu Bandhu scheme status 2020

After that the farmers will be lead to a new page at https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/rythubandhustatus.

Once there, select the year 2020-2021, and enter your PPB number to view the payment amount status of the Rythu Bandhu scheme 2020.

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  1. Helloo….actually we didnt get the rythubhandhu money in 2018-19&2019-20(because of the total land in our old passbook has not been listed in our new passbook),now it is done.can we expect to get the previous money??

  2. Sir actually you have any msg to me that “already credited amount in my bank”.but I did not get amount in my account. What is the pblm. Please answer me sir.

  3. It conditional rythu bhandhu above 5ekars former’s not received last time this time. I have 7eakrs land am receiving rythu bhandhu am asking AO officers they said above 5eakers govt not release funds there is no budget for that former’s

  4. Sir. We have 5acres of land, but we have given xerox of 4 acres. The time of giving certificates is over. What should we do now?

    • Sai, you have to inquire with the concerned authority (Gram Panchayat, district office, Collector’s office) through which you submitted application. Only then can tell how to proceed.


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