One Nation One Ration Card Scheme Starts; Apply Online Website

The ambitious ‘One Nation One Ration Card‘ scheme is rolling out today i.e., from June 1st across the Country. The scheme will benefit around 81 crore citizens under the Public Distribution System. The ration card holders are entitled to buy subsidized food grains and they get Rice at Rs. 3 per Kg, Wheat at Rs. 2 per Kg and Coarse grains at Rs. 1 per Kg from Fair Price Shops.

One Nation One Ration Card scheme

Let us understand what’s in the store for citizens as the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme rolls out.

One Nation One Ration Card Details

The scheme will cover the all existing ration card holders. There is no need to apply online to get One Nation One Ration card.

How to apply online for One Nation One Ration Card Scheme:

The facility to issue the ration cards to the citizens is expected to be started soon though as several states already avail the same. However, as of yet, any person or family holding a valid ration card from any state or union territory does not need to apply online. The already existing ration cards will be included in this scheme.

One Nation One Ration card website is also expected to be launched soon. For now, all details regarding ration card is available at the official website of the Public Distribution System (PDS) Portal of India i.e.,

17 States & UTs in the list so far, 3 more to joint today:

Till now, 17 States/ Union Territories have been included in the scheme including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Daman & Diu, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh.

Three more states – Odisha, Mizoram and Nagaland are also expected to be covered under the Scheme by 1st June.

The government of India had announced the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme in the year 2018 with the aim to implement it by June this year. However, the timeline has been shifted to March 2021 now.

As per the current arrangement, subsidized food grains are given to ration card holders from the registered fair price shop only. Details about a particular card holder and food grain quota for the month will also be accessible at any ration shop in the country.

One nation one ration card apply online website

Aadhaar card linking necessary:

To successfully implement the One Nation One Ration Card scheme, the government has instructed all the ration card holders to get their Aadhaar cards linked with the ration cards. There are around 23 crore ration cards registered in the Country and the card holders get their quota of subsidized food grains from their respective fair price shops.

Need of the Hour:

The need of this system was being felt for a long time as many citizens migrate to other Cities/ States in search of work and they could not avail the benefit of getting subsidized food grains in other States due to absence of this facility.

The system will also ensure availability of sufficient food grains to poor migrants and help in reducing incidence of hunger-related deaths in the Country. The government expects 83 percent of PDS population will be covered under the scheme by August 2020 while the target of 100 percent national portability will be achieved by March 2021.

Features & Benefits

  • There will be no need to get a new ration card to avail the benefits under this scheme. The beneficiaries verification will also be done with the step.
  • The details in Ration Card will be printed in bi-lingual format, wherein all the details will be in local language and Hindi/ English.
  • The Ration card number will be a 10-digit number in which first two digits are state code, next two digits are running ration card numbers and another 2 digits will used to generate unique member Ids for each beneficiary of ration card.


  • Under the ‘One Nation, One Ration card’ system, ration cards will become portable, making a single ration card eligible at any fair price shop in the Country.
  • With the roll out of this scheme, the beneficiaries can get their share of food grains in subsidized prices from any fair price shop.

Challenges Ahead

The backbone of implementing the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ scheme is the grounds of Technology and experts feel that the technology itself has been the biggest constraint for the government. A large number of ration cards not linked with Aadhaar cards and fair price shops not having ePoS are major challenges.

  • To implement the scheme successfully, all the current ration card holders must have seeded their Aadhaar cards with ration cards.
  • All Fair price shops must also have ePoS (electronic point of sale) devices to feed the details of sales.

Network connection is another constraint for successful implementation of this scheme. Maximum number of fair price shops are in rural areas and such shops do not have strong network connection required for ration distribution process under this system. Other problems include mismatch of bio-metrics, power cuts in rural areas and other technical issues. Under the system, total dependence will be on technology and hence the government needs to work on this front aggressively.

Experts have continually argued that the concept of ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ should have been implemented long back, especially in a country like India where a lot of people migrate to other places in search of work while their extended families stay back. The system should be more inclusive when it comes to addressing hunger issues among people in a situation like the country is witnessing. National portability of ration cards will become a reality when 100 percent of Aadhaar seeding and 100 % installation of ePoS devices is achieved.

All state’s ration card list here.

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