Kerala BEVCO Beverages Liquor Online Booking Website & App

Kerala BEVCO Liquor Beverages online booking app for virtual queue token: Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) has announced to launch website and app for online booking and home delivery of liquor. Kerala government has allowed the opening of Liquor and local alcohol ‘Toddy’ shops to open again from May 20. The Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) Kerala is also considering to soon provide the online liquor booking facility and introducing a e-token system to avoid long queues at the wine shops.

Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) is a state government owned company, having monopoly over sale of liquor in Kerala. There are nearly 300 BEVCO owned liquor shops in Kerala, apart from toddy shops.

May 20 Update:

Key points

  • Kerala government announced that a 10-35% special Corona fee will be applied to the liquor sale. Means, you will have to pay 10-35% extra on the MRP of your liquor. The new price list of Kerala BEVCO has not been uploaded online at as of this update. We’ll inform once its live.
  • Kerala government has announced that bars and pubs will soon be able to sell liquor on BEVCO rates. The date has not been notified.

Kerala Toddy Shops News:

The toddy shops were opened in Kerala today but closed down soon facing the supply issues. There are nearly 3600 toddy shops in Kerala, most of them get their supply from Chittur in Palakkad. The lockdown has slowed down the production at only around 10,000 litres a day as compared to the daily demand of 3 lakh litres.

Kerala BEVCO online liquor toddy shops

The lack of liquor also caused the toddy/liquor shops in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Kannur to remain shut on May 13. The shops witnessed massive rush in the areas where they were opened but only to be run out of stock within 2-3 hours.

Kerala BEVCO Liquor Beverages Online Booking & Home Delivery:

The Kerala Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) has also announced that it is developing an mobile app and web portal link to provide the online booking of alcohol/liquor and home delivery of the same.

Several states including West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh have already allowed the online sale and delivery of liquor. Reports are that online sale and delivery of liquor will soon be a reality in Kerala too, and more so since the Supreme Court has also recommended the same.

Kerala BEVCO has approached the officials of ‘Kerala Startup Mission’ for the launch of website and app to facilitate the online booking and purchase of liquor in Kerala, mainly in cities with high demand such as Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Kollam, Thrissur and Kannur among others.

How to purchase Liquor and Order Online in Kerala:

Kerala BEVCO is currently finding a suitable IT partner for the development of mobile app and website to avail the online booking and purchase of liquor. More than 32 lakh people in Kerala consume alcohol, with nearly 5 lakh being daily consumers of local beverage ‘Toddy’ or ‘Liquor’.

The information regarding the online booking, home delivery and rules to be followed will be notified through the official website of the Kerala Beverages Corporation i.e.,

  • BEVCO Kerala liquor online booking website link- (to launch soon)
  • Kerala BEVCO app to order liquor online- to be launched on May 21

Kerala Liquor Queue Token System:

Before the launch of website and mobile app for online sale and delivery of liquor in Kerala, the Excise department and BEVCO have announced that they are going to launch a ‘queue token system’ to avoid rush at the toddy and wine shops. Delhi, Maharashtra and few other states have already availed this e-token system.

BEVCO app website online liquor booking home delivery

Kerala BEVCO official G. Sparjan Kumar said that “we are soon launching a virtual queue or token system after resumption of liquor sale through BEVCO retail shops’.

Kerala BEVCO App for queue token:

The people will have to download the app launched by Kerala State Beverages Corporation and enter their basic details such as name, mobile number, address and time slot etc. to book their place in the queue.

After entering the details, the customers will be sent a text message informing them of the time slot they can visit the nearby shop and buy the liquor.

Those without smartphones, will be able to send a SMS to the prescribed number and book their slot.

As per the officials, the queue token system will cover around 300 liquor shops in Kerala.

We’ll update the BEVCO app and website link here for ordering liquor in Kerala once its launched.

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  1. There will be hectic sale of liqour in on line purchases, if home delivery is permitted, thereby state can employ lakhs of unemployed youths by charging Rs 100 extra as handling charges on each home delivery..Upon making on line payment of the purchases customer will receive an OTP in their registered mobile and that OTP number will be acknowledged by the vendors during delivery..Best way of social distancing..


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