Atul Maheshwari Scholarship result 2019 declared: 36 Winners List

Atul Maheshwari Scholarship result 2019 has been declared. The Amar Ujala foundation, which conducts this prestigious scholarship examination has officially uploaded the Atul Maheshwari Scholarship exam result 2019. The students who appeared for the scholarship exam may now check if they have been selected. The link is given below.

Report: The scholarship exam was conducted in two phases. The first phase exam was conducted on 13th October and 20th October, 2019. As per reports from Amar Ujala itself, more than 30 thousand aspirants took the first phase exam and nearly 20 thousand took the second phase exam on 20th October. For the phase 1 exam on 13th Oct., the foundation had set up 38 exam venues in 34 cities and for the phase 2 exam, 21 exam centers were set up in 189 cities across the country.

Atul Maheshwari Scholarship exam result 2019 Check

Amar Ujala Foundation published the scholarship result on its website earlier today. In 2018, the foundation had conducted the exam in late October and released the results on 8th January, 2019.

The 2019 result date was not notified in advance but the announcement has been made via newspaper and website today.

Candidates may check the Atul Maheshwari Scholarship result 2019 on official Amar Ujala website here.. We will update the same here too.

Students selected for 9th-10th Class Scholarship

  1. आलोक कुमार       (रोल नंबर 4710415, आगरा)
  2. मनीष कुमार           (रोल नंबर 3910338, अलीगढ़)
  3. अव्यक्त प्रकाश         (रोल नंबर 9911473, इलाहाबाद)
  4. अचल कुमार           (रोल नंबर 2210104, लखीमपुरखीरी)
  5. मोहित वर्मा             (रोल नंबर 1710094, पंचकूला)
  6. सौरभ कुमार           (रोल नंबर 3710042, पौड़ी गढ़वाल)
  7. चेतन भाटी            (रोल नंबर 4510073, गुरुग्राम)
  8. नित्य प्रकाश        (रोल नंबर 4010552, संतकबीर नगर)
  9. दीपांशु पंत            (रोल नंबर 4610267, नैनीताल)
  10. अरुणजीत सिंह        (रोल नंबर 2610004, जम्मू)
  11. आदित्य तिवारी         (रोल नंबर 5010021, झांसी)
  12. अर्पित कुशवाहा          (रोल नंबर 9110860, कानपुर)
  13. रविंद्र कुमार             (रोल नंबर 2310747, हरदोई)
  14. आयुष राणा          (रोल नंबर 9710471, मुजफ्फरनगर)
  15. युगांश कुमार           (रोल नंबर 3410358, अमरोहा)
  16. निखिल                (रोल नंबर 1110154, नरवाना)
  17. मनीष कुमार           (रोल नंबर 5410086, मंडी)
  18. सिंटू कुमार यादव    (रोल नंबर 2810370, बलिया

Students selected for 11th-12th Class Scholarship 2019 Below

  1. राहुल कुमार        (रोल नंबर 4910621, फिरोजाबाद)
  2. शुभ यदुवंशी             (रोल नंबर 3921193, अलीगढ़)
  3. अमित कुमार          (रोल नंबर 9923024, संत रविदास नगर)
  4. आयुष वर्मा            (रोल नंबर 2211057, लखीमपुरखीरी)
  5. परनीत कौर        (रोल नंबर 1710192, पंचकूला)
  6. ऋषभ मिश्रा            (रोल नंबर 3510509, देहरादून)
  7. विशाल गोस्वामी         (रोल नंबर 4410407, बुलंदशहर)
  8. सौरभ तिवारी          (रोल नंबर 4011644, सिद्धार्थ नगर)
  9. यशवर्धन जोशी      (रोल नंबर 5210214, अल्मोड़ा)
  10. मनी देवी               (रोल नंबर 2610093, कठुआ)
  11. मोहित पाल         (रोल नंबर 5011907, झांसी)
  12. अंकित             (रोल नंबर 9124187, कानपुर)
  13. मोनू मधेशिया           (रोल नंबर 5110696,  श्रावस्ती)
  14. अभिषेक त्यागी         (रोल नंबर 9511145, मेरठ)
  15. अनस हसन         (रोल नंबर 3211103, मुरादाबाद)
  16. करन वर्मा              (रोल नंबर 1810378, शिमला)
  17. शिवशंकर मौर्या      (रोल नंबर 2823034, बलिया)
  18. तेजेंद्र             (रोल नंबर 1110535, नरवाना)

Scholarship Details:

The students taking the scholarship exam have to go through a rigorous selection process. After meeting the eligibility criteria, they are allowed to take the test.

  • A total of 36 students are selected for the scholarship, 18 of whom are from 9th and 10th, and 18 are from 11th and 12th class.
  • The scholarship grant for 9th & 10th class students is Rs 30,000/- and for 11th & 12th class, the grant is Rs 50,000/-.

The 2018 Atul Maheshwari Scholarship was disbursed to 36 meritorious students from economically weak background. 2 blind students were also granted the scholarship last year.

The winners also get the opportunity to meet the Senior Amar Ujala staff and see the inner workings of the paper.

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